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RoSPA Advanced Motorcycle Training for tests and assessments

What is advanced motorcycle training? First of all, let’s dispose of the worry that can surround the phrase and turn to the reality of its meaning, which is only to improve the skills we have and to learn a few others, no matter what our current skill level may be. It really is that simple.

What am I looking for in your riding? Very simply, I’m looking for you to enjoy your riding more, to expand your knowledge and skills and, for you to benefit from your riding for a lifetime from the interaction you have with me as your coach.

Why should I take up advanced motorcycle training? It can be hard to identify our level of skill and safety, particularly once we have passed the L test. We become more confident with each day on the road and we gradually go faster. But, have we improved? Really? Just because we feel more confident and go faster doesn’t provide the measure for our skills. Advanced training will give you something by which you can genuinely measure your skills so that when you are going that bit quicker, you’ll be safer!

It’s best to take up advanced motorcycle training and continue your development for your entire riding life. It is that important. Who you choose for your training is even more important than that.

What are the benefits?

They are substantial as you will be riding more fluently and more safely with a complete understanding of your skills. Your existing skills in terms of bike control and hazard perception will be enhanced and you will have new skills to practice. Some insurance companies offer a discount for passing an advanced test, but really, this is the least relevant benefit and far too much is made of it.

Motorcycles are exciting but a minor error when riding one can lead to catastrophic circumstances and this potentially happens more as our confidence increases and we go faster. Eliminating the minor errors is the key benefit and should be regarded as hugely important.

Just call or drop me an email to make an enquiry about taking up advanced lessons and set yourself on the road to enjoy your riding even more than you do now.

Advanced Motorcycle Training

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